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8 Week Energy Alchemy Mentorship

Unlock the Power Within

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 220 S Wall St. #206 Calhoun, GA 30701. Enter green door through back of building

Service Description

As your guide and mentor, I am here to walk alongside you on this profound path of healing and growth. **Week 1: Energy and Stress Analysis with Bio-Well Camera** Our journey begins with a deep dive into your energetic essence using the scientific based technology of the Bio-Well camera. Together, we unveil the subtle energies that shape your being, gaining invaluable insights into your stress patterns and energy flow. This initial analysis serves as a sacred map, guiding us towards the restoration of balance and harmony within. **Benefits:** - Illuminate hidden stressors and energy imbalances. - Establish a sacred foundation for personalized healing strategies. - Embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. **Individualized Plan Based on Beliefs and Values** In our communion, I honor your unique journey and spiritual path. Through heartfelt dialogue, we explore your beliefs, values, and intentions for healing and growth. From this sacred exchange, we co-create a personalized plan. **Weekly Chakra Exploration and Personalized Practices** Each week, we embark on a pilgrimage through the realms of the different chakras, diving deep into their divine wisdom and healing potential. Drawing from the teachings of yoga, meditation, crystals, breath-work, and shadow work. Utilizing teas, herbs, book recommendations, Sound, Vibration & Frequencies we weave a tapestry of practices tailored to nourish and activate each energy center. **Benefits:** - Deepen your connection to the sacred wisdom of the chakras. - Embrace personalized practices to support your soul's evolution. - Experience profound healing and transformation on all levels of your being. **Weekly Sessions Format:** Our sacred gatherings are sanctuaries of healing and renewal, where we come together in divine communion. Each 90-minute session is a sacred container for your soul's journey: - 60 minutes: Receive personalized coaching and guidance infused with the wisdom of your soul's journey. - 30 minutes: Surrender to the divine frequencies of sound baths or energy work, allowing for deep healing and energetic alignment. As a token of my gratitude, you will receive a gift set at the beginning of our journey together, including a Chakra Crystal set, Meditation Candle, and Sage kit to support your practice. Additionally, on our final session, we will celebrate your journey with a follow-up energy analysis, honoring your progress and growth along your healing Path.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule call, text or email 48HRs prior to appt. Appts that cancel less than 48HRs in advance do not receive a refund. You may reschedule for a later date.

Contact Details

(678) 245-4888

#206 220 S Wall St, Calhoun, GA, USA

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